I try, as I do every year, to spend a little more time outside for my hobby, especially at the beginning. This includes being out and about in the higher Black Forest quite early in the year, looking for Capercaillie. This year in particular, this is all a bit more difficult, because of course more people want to pursue their sporting activities outside, not always to the benefit of nature. Nevertheless, I was lucky and was able to observe another beautiful Capercaillie. Unfortunately, it was disturbed by snowshoe hikers in the meantime, which is why it „guarded“ its territory boundary quite exhausted in the end.
To the delight of myself and the participants, I was able to show the capercaillie to a few hikers. „You can only protect what you know“, so I think it is important to make people aware of where what lives and when.

Enclosed you will find a few of the pictures I was able to take of him.

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