Helgoland is calling (Oct. 2019)

Like every year the Helgoländer bird-days take place mid – end of October. Only too rarely, unfortunately, I get to go to the island to these days. Not only to see potential rare birds there, but also to meet many familiar faces which you can only meet on a twitch during the year.
This year I once again made it (not least because a very good friend of mine made the trip together with me from Frankfurt) and we were allowed to stay with a very good friend and his wife in their apartment.
With my travel colleague and the „Helgoländer“ I was allowed to take part again in the annual bird race. To our delight we even made it to place 1 this year (shared with another group from Hessen).
Enclosed you can find some pictures I was able to take this year during the 5 day stay.